Plastics Cause Overweight and Diabetes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlastics Cause Overweight and Diabetes

My daughter has had an issue with heating up food in the microwave with any type of plastics. I’m a seasoned microwave diehard. I still use them, but with caution. I’m not totally numb to her concerns, but I cook a lot and love the microwave. So . . . does she have a real handle on this issue? Am I numb to something that will hurt, or is hurting me? Are plastics causing overweight and diabetes? Really?

Now Research is Proving the Truth

Plastics are causing overweight and diabetes. Read it and weep. There are so many issues about our lives today that we should be listening to and most of us are just walking through our lives as though there is nothing wrong. So. Plastics Cause Overweight and Diabetes. So what else is new? Should we turn a deaf ear or should we WAKE UP?!?

Here’s the link to super you.

What’s the Miracle Here?

The miracle is that someone woke up. Will you? If you listen and alter the course of your life to accommodate this news, the miracle is that YOU have started on your way to the super human that you ought to be. The super human that you were born to be. Haven’t you always known it? Of course! We are better than this. Be better. Be a miracle.

Here’s a beautiful miracle. Let’s really show off today. Love yourself.