In my late twenties I wondered if miracles could still happen. I was that Christian who didn’t know it at the time, but I had bought the idea that miracles, healings and raising from the dead only happened in the time of Jesus and that time was long over. You see, I really didn’t even know that I believed that. Until later in my life when I began to experience them myself and realized that it’s never over.

Of course the next step after not believing was reading about others who had miracles happen and still wondering if they happen today. I heard that a lot, but held firmly to my unknown belief. We all do this all the time. We walk along in our lives and never get it that we are living lost lives. Not what was intended at all by the Maker of the Universe.

Well, I have been through a few more decades, you know you’re old when you speak in decades instead of years, and I can tell you I am over my old learned belief system and very firmly entrenched in the TRUTH. Life is much more than just living and dying. It’s discovering who we are and creating just as God made us to create.

I’m still learning and I’d love to hear form you as I share some of the wondrous events of my life. Yes, miracles happen and we can pray for them, ask for them and even create them. Share with me and my readers what you find most tantalizing about life lived to its fullest. Come back and you’ll discover what I found out.