Miracles Happen

Miracles assert our best about life.


Gloria Slater was born in Boston, raised in Canastota, NY, but has lived most of her life in Chester County, PA. It was on a trip of 8,500 miles when she was having lunch with friends in Yreka, CA discussing storytelling that she realized it was what every part of her was all about. Singing, acting, dancing, broadcasting, radio, writing, songwriting and, simply, sharing. The issues and matters she holds closest to her heart are the ones she’s written about, to date. Miracles, God’s love for us, our connections to each other today and through the ages, making those connections and sharing our hearts to edify and encourage each other for the best life possible for everyone.

Visit me at my website that’s all about me and what I’ve done and hope to do. See you there!