Love Dove Books

This is one of those serendipitous discoveries that make you smile every time you think of it. Dove Books. I was searching online for other ways to improve my site while adding a little to my coffers and there it was!

I’m very cautious about what I put here because it’s about me. Over the decades (there’s that word again) I have discovered who I am and what I’m willing to stand for and Dove books is one of those — so far. Things change and that’s part of the pattern and we should be ready and willing to change with them. So, for now, I love Dove Books and you’ll find an entire stock of them right here. Eventually you’ll find some of mine among them. Happy hunting and I hope you’ll find some delightful reading that will titillate (Now there’s a word that only has meaning for me if I spell it the way it is in my head — tintillate. Oh, well. Sigh.) your fancy while opening new horizons for you. Please feel free to spend time here. It’s time well spent.

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