The Vision

In 1980 I was in a position that led me to write out an idea that has stuck with since then and grown immensely.

It’s about what I call my Vision. I’ve named it “God’s House Your Home.” I want to build a home where anyone can live for as long as they need to. They will find shelter, warmth, family, education, instruction and anything else that they need — for free. They receive freely and, as they grow strong and capable, they begin to contribute to the home whatever they have to give. When they are fully employed in a career that will make a great living for them, they will graduate into the life they are prepared to make for themselves. When they are able to in the future, they will freely give back whenever they can, never forgetting how they were helped by helping others who are in the sad place they once occupied.

It’s sounds too simple and far too grand all at once. But, I believe that we can make such a home and that God will reside there with those He helps there along the way.

The first step is to find people who share a heart for this vision and are willing to give at least their time to pray for it and the people who will live and work there. I am praying that some of you will have this heart and will begin your prayer vigil. Please let me know if you do, although you don’t have to. God honors prayer, even if others don’t hear them.