About Your Perfect Fit

About Your Perfect Fit

About Your Perfect Fit. We want to be fit. Not just the body, but fit on all fronts. Getting your life fit leads to those around you getting started. Start!

Are you fat? Dying of fat? Don’t wanna be fat? Don’t want to die young? Don’t know how to start?

I can help. Keep up with my fitness Facebook Fan Page, Your Perfect Fit, and sign up for my newsletter, Your Perfect Fit Monthly. Get the information necessary to get fit on your terms and your terms alone. But, you won’t be alone. There’s advice here to get you started and get you all the way to the best body you’ve imagined. You CAN do it. Your doctor can help, but you must understand that he needs your input to really be able to help you get where you want to be:  living a healthy life free of sickness and pain.

Are you worried sick about your loved ones and feel like you have no way to get help?

I can help. When there’s nowhere to turn for answers to your troubles, there is one al-turn-ative that works literally every single time. Every single time. Learn to lean on God and you WILL get answers, get help, get miracles and get a fabulous life. Guaranteed. A good start is to read my historical novel, Heddy’s Miracles ~ A True Story, and God Speaks. Walk with me through the miracles God did in my mother’s life in WW II and in my life after being in an auto accident in which I should have died.

Are you in a situation where you are truly stuck between a rock and a hard place? Abuse? Controlling people all around? Too weak to even seek a way out?

I can help. Recognizing that you are in an abusive situation is the first key to getting out. That Rock is the one way out that will get you out, keep you out, keep you secure and heal your broken heart while giving you the peace and solace you so dearly desire.Read God Speaks. I have been between a rock and a hard place most of my life. And I KNOW that God intervenes when we rely on Him and truly believe He can do what He says He can do.

Are you tired of the business of politics as usual and looking for the answer to unlock the future you know is waiting for all of us?

It’s not about a cashless society. It’s about a timeless society. It’s about living the light of the 1000 years of peace foretold in the Bible. God cares for each of us as if we are the only one. The world’s system has left billions homeless, helpless, in fear of losing everything they’ve worked endlessly to build up, fearing for the future for themselves and for their children. Read about my ideas on eliminating the one and only cause of these maladies of society and how to create the community that every person craves in their hearts and knows that we should be experiencing here on this earth. You’ll find it soon on my Facebook Fan Page, Own a Piece of Peace.