Add Your Own Miracles: Pope Francis’s Saints

Add Your Own Miracles:  Pope Francis’s Saints

I’m glad that Pope Francis’s saints are being brought to light, but aren’t we lagging behind? Is this just the cream finally rising to the top or could we do more to spotlight these occurrences long before the authorities do? Then we can glean all the good from them long before they get to the top.

Add Your Own Miracles

When I read this article, I started to think about recognizing miracles and how they happen. It’s great that the Catholic church does this, but if most of these happened centuries ago, how many are we missing today? Are you missing your own miracles?

My New Blog Talk Radio Show

I’m in the process of producing my radio show about the miraculous in life and showcasing it. It will be ready soon, but there’s still a lot of work to get it set to air. What I find extraordinary about Pope Francis’s saints is that he is not reluctant at all to change the temper of the papacy and point it in a better direction for the entire world. I like his attitude!

Accentuating the positive will eventually eliminate the negative. Sounds vaguely familiar. Oh, yes, it’s the old song we used to sing, glibly, and now it has more meaning than ever! Still rings true after all these years. That’s positive. A miracle? In this day and age that could be a miracle!

There’s Hope for the Future!

So our past is strong in us and we must learn to pick out the best parts of it and own it for ourselves and send it on with our children into the future. Looks brighter already!


Please click here to read the article and see what’s cooking in the miracle department. Then read the next post that fine tunes the whole concept of miracles and how they apply to our own lives.

Shine on!