Food Additives — Read the Label!

Food Additives — Read the Label

This can’t get around enough if it is constantly circling the globe. You have to read the labels on all the things you put into your mouth and on your body or have in your home or put on your lawn or gardens. There are things in there that can harm or kill you. YOU have to do the work. Again — food additives — read the label!

Do You Want to LIVE?!?

Or, do you want to live well? It is entirely UP  TO  YOU! Food Additives — Read the Label! More than that, be educated about what those ingredients are. Some have scientific names and are vitamins or sugars or other relatively harmless additives. Usually, if it’s a long name or is hard to pronounce, then you really should investigate it. It’s our world, but it’s NOT harmless.

Let Sherlock Holmes Be Your Guide

Get out your spy glass (you have to in order to read those tiny letters and why is that?!?) and start to question everything. Until you can pick up a label and write off most of the ingredients because you already know what they are, your life is in jeopardy. Literally. Watch one of or all of the Sherlock Holmes series of movies and you’ll get the idea. You’ll also be delightfully entertained while you’re learning. Learning should be fun. But I digress.

Here’s You Starting Point

This is a good site to get some information and begin your journey to a safe and happy life. You must make it a habit to do this research yourself. And the upshot of that point is that you should be doing this about every factor of your life. Don’t just automatically do what others tell you to or expect of you. Far more than you realize, we do that with someone in our lives. Be discerning and make your own decisions Live sweet, but far sweeter when you are not tied down by others or their opinions.

You can thank me later when you’re breathing better, your allergies go away, your headaches stop, you are free of cancer-any cancer, your cough clears up and on and on and on. Be Happy!