Serena and Rape Victims

Serena and Rape Victims

Serena and the rape victims must weigh in on this. Don’t fault those trying to make sense of it. Everyone who participated in this event was obviously ignorant. That’s the parents’ fault. All of the parents of the participants and of the victim. She should have been watched long before this happened and her behavior curbed. I’m sure they ALL wish NOW they had done a better job. Now forgiveness is most important for everyone. It’s been done and can’t be erased except by heartfelt apologies and the driven endeavor to never let it happen again–to themselves or to others. There can be good that comes out of this if they learn from their miss-takes.

Grieve and Move On

There can be a happy ending if they remove the innerds of the reasons for it happening in themselves and then go on to do better in every way. We must all be helping those around us who live in these circumstances. We all know someone there.

Let’s make it a better place for all of us to live.