James Gandolfini – Breaking Hearts!

James Gandolfini – Breaking Hearts!

Such a shame so many people’s hearts are breaking because James Gandolfini’s heart was broken. James Gandolfini – breaking hearts. The really sad part is that no one’s heart had to break. If James had listened to his own body, to the information everywhere about heart disease, to the family and friends closest to him who must have cautioned him about his heart wrenching eating habits and advised him about his exercise needs, he would still be alive. He would be living a vibrant and happy life and would still be impressing us with his brilliant acting.

He was a great man. I learned this from someone who knows on Facebook. Here’s part of her post:

Sara Sasfai  Although he didn’t devote his career and sign a contract with his life in the military (and god bless the ones that do), he did use his celebrity status to bring awareness of the traumas the US military endure while deployed to war zones. He visited numerous times to Iraq, Kuwait and the rest of the Middle East. He produced 2 films and in one of them he personally interviews soldiers physically and emotionally torn by the war and in the other brought awareness of PTSD throughout our war history. On top of that his own father is a Purple Heart recipient from World War II. To most he might have been ‘Tony Soprano’ but he was a good dude and did much more than most actors do to support our troops.

I read the tweets from many celebrities who knew him or worked with him. People are shocked and deeply saddened by this great loss. The hardest part for me is sitting back and seeing all this grief and knowing that it never had to happen. This is why I am writing and self publishing books on what I’ve learned in the past 40 years of studying health in every way.

Word Gets Around

What shocks me is that the information is there and totally accessible and people don’t scarf it up and change their lives! So, if word gets around so fast today, why aren’t people taking advantage of the amazing information and resources we have and get themselves to a better place physically? So many reasons.

Do What We Can Do to Help

We must help our fellow man to live better and never stop repeating and repeating and repeating that we can ALL be healthy and live long, happy lives.

I just heard word of twins that were born with lung problems. Please pray for them and their family. We are all connected. Thank you.