Style Network’s Ruby


Style Network’s Ruby

I was wondering the other day what was happening with Ruby, so I turned on the TV to catch up on Style Network’s “Ruby” TV show and couldn’t find the show or the network. It was interesting to me that I really wanted to know how she’s doing and I have never met her. Reality TV naysayers must be wrong. I care.

My Comment on the Style Network’s Ruby Website Page

Perhaps we could stay up with Ruby on a series of  one or two specials a year. No one’s saying if it’s the network or Ruby who’s reluctant to continue, but we do know of her and need to know how she’s doing. Also, those who haven’t had the opportunity to watch her work through her struggle to freedom would be fans if they had a chance to watch an episode or two. Maybe you could bring Ruby back under those circumstances. At least just let us know how she’s doing.

Just Wanna Know?

So, if you’re curious about her, too, then just head on over to the Huff Post’s Ruby Page and leave a comment. We may at least find out how she’s doing and can continue to cheer her on in her freedom march to health!

Here’s to health for ALL!!