Your Perfect Fit Exercise

Your Perfect Fit Exercise

I haven’t written anything on this for a long time. I have a lot of goodies to share. Another good example of how we can get sidetracked to other things and miss out on the important parts of life. Well, I have been off on the writing, but you can bet that I have NOT been off the mark with my own fitness program. That’s because it’s built in. It’ built into my psyche, my heart, my mind and my very soul. It’s just as important as eating. If I don’t eat, I die. If I don’t exercise, I die. Simple. Find your perfect fit exercise and LIVE!


Keep it simple stupid. I’ll give you a KISS so you can remember this more readily. On a day that you eat, exercise. Do SOMETHING! There are other rules that will override this one, but this is just to get you into the thought process, mentality, mode of doing some kind of fitness activity regularly, whether it be daily or on a planned schedule that you adhere to religiously. That is what it takes. The intent and drive and wholehearted fervor of one who has seen God. Rest easy, those of you who think you have not seen God (you have!) and that you have no chance to acquire this meme and apply it effectively to your life so you can live a long, happy and healthy life.

Live the Life

All you have to do is find the exercise YOU love, incorporate it into your life, like eating, and you WILL get healthy. Your perfect fit exercise is one YOU love, enjoy and want to do every day. Half the fun is in finding what you love to do and the other half is in doing it to your heart’s content.


I will provide more tidbits on this process and it’s fun additives as we wend our way. As I always excitedly exclaimed to my kids, it’s an a’venture!

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