To Believe or Not to Believe

To Believe or Not to Believe

To Believe or Not to Believe. That is the question. Right?

Not necessarily. Belief is a very personal thing. I know Christians tend to impose their faith on others sometimes, but often that’s mere enthusiasm because they feel enlightened and it’s hard not to shout to the world what’s happened to them. Too often, though, the unbelievers, in their unbelief and their angst of not feeling that euphoria while others do, work so hard to impose their unbelief on the Christian world enough to not only overshadow them, but to annihilate them.

God doesn’t push, shove or force anything down our throats. That’s why unbelievers can be unbelievers. God cares, but He’s not controlling. There’s entirely too much controlling going on in the world today. Stand back and get the whole picture and act on what you can do to make things better. Don’t change others to your liking. It hurts. Just go with the flow and let God work and He’ll let you know when to let you do something that will actually help, not hurt. To Believe or to Not Believe. Is that the question?

Just saying.

God did a great job with this beauty. He can do the same with you life, too. Get in sync and let it happen naturally.





That’s the case with this Unbelievers Ten Commandments.