Super Human Heroes

Super Human Heroes

We are super human heroes. We just don’t know it. We just don’t believe it. It never even enters our minds. Shame. We could be living extraordinary lives. Every day. Every hour. Every one of us.

See it All Around Us

When I read an article like this one, ( it seems to be only the tip of the iceberg. We’ve all heard about this from one incident or another, at one time or another. Now, really, do we have superhuman powers or do we not? Evidently, we do. We just don’t exercise them all the time, that’s all.

I know it sounds extreme, super human heroes, but we need to really understand this fully, because I’m convinced that it’s the absolute truth. At this point I only have a gut feeling about it, but my Knower is blinging off the charts. Especially when I read these stories.

I guess the real question is why don’t we do these amazing feats all the time? Why? It’s not expected. It’s not believed. Perhaps we should begin to warmly embrace the idea and it will really begin to hit home that it’s true and we are living our lives at a level far below what we should be experiencing.

Miracles anyone? I guess they’re only miracles because we just don’t get it yet.

Time to ponder our existence.

There are miracles all around us. Why not this, too?