LIving Without Money

Living Without Money

I’ve been wondering if this could be done and have been planning a way to do this for decades. Living without money today. And here is someone who has managed to do it already. Money is, I believe, fast becoming a commodity of the past. Why?

People are too easily controlled with money.

Too many people are not skilled at making enough yet alone a lot of money and, yes, money does buy happiness. A sad commentary on our society.

To make the money necessary to buy happiness we must pay an even more dear price – our time, our lives, our biggest joys in life. That’s called irony. And it’s just as cold and empty as it sounds.

Hence, the need to find ways to live without money.

Enter Sergey Balovin — On Living Without Money — A Happy Tale

So, check out how he goes about it and how he began. A very interesting story indeed.–how-he-lives-without-money-202940946.html

I’ll share with you one day my plan as it’s presenting itself to me after many years of pondering the plight of money.