Heddy’s Miracles ~ A True Story — The Movie

Heddy’s Miracles ~ A True Story  —  The Movie

Yes, ever since I was in the middle of writing my historical novel about Mom and her family’s journey through Hitler’s black sinister world of evil, I saw it as a film. I’ve been working on the details for many years. They say it takes a long time for a film to happen. I pray it happens during my lifetime. I’d love to see those pictures on the big screen in a movie theater, just as I did while writing it.


Do You Want to Help?

If you have film contacts and could help me with my venture, I’d love to talk with you and welcome you on board. I’m coming closer and closer. Just a matter of time. Thanks for considering me and my hope to bring the world a bit closer to the answers we’re seeking from our dark past. Here’s a small taste of HM. The Christmas Chapter.


Here’s a dream come true for another survivor of Hitler’s tyranny. It’ll happen for Heddy’s Miracles ~ A True Story, too.

Here’s my first attempt at creating my book trailer. Editing will be happening soon.