Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon Bombing

We never cease to be shocked over an event such as the Boston Marathon Bombing, but the shock wears off and we go back to business as usual. What is business as usual and how do we change what we’re doing to prevent this from happening again? Can we do that? It remains to be seen.

Nothing New Under the Sun

From Cain and Abel to present day Boston, USA, nothing has changed. Yet, we’re still surprised that it happened yet again. I spent twenty years interviewing my mother about her experiences in WW II living in Berlin, Germany. I had many epiphanies over the years and share them as often as I can. Here’s one that I just ran across. It’s from the CBN network on how Hitler used God to gain the people’s confidence and — you guessed it — when they went back into their comfort zone, he did exactly what he had planned from the beginning — without suspicion or the watchful eye of those who would have raised doubts and questions about his agenda. Very interesting. And remember — this is done every day in relationships, companies, countries and organizations everywhere. Beware. Watch!

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Evil Deeds and Traumatic Times

Just days after the Boston Marathon Bombing I worked my way through the National Civil Rights Museum and found some remarkable insights into Martin Luther King’s assassination that reflect on every other atrocity the world has endured. It’s definitely worth the small fee to peruse all the details and the unexpected twists and turns this major turn in the life of this great country. What is encouraging are his words at the entrance.


Also very encouraging in my historical novel, Heddy’s Miracles ~ A True Story, about my mother’s family in Berlin in WW II there are many insights into how you can be aware and secure your own life in such times. Their entire block was bombed repeatedly over three years and NO DAMAGE WAS EVER DONE BY LIVE BOMBS FALLING ON THEIR BUILDINGS. You don’t have to be sucked into oblivion like many others. Be safe. Be secure. Know who you can trust and who you should be wary of.

Can we prepare for what’s to come? Is it possible to know how to keep safe from these disasters? God said we could. Perhaps we should start listening as my family did to keep safe in WW II Berlin, Germany. It doesn’t hurt to try.

This is dedicated to all those caught up in the Boston Marathon Massacre. We are praying.

Can we get there from here? Let’s try.

Breaking through to a new life.

Breaking through to a new life.