Health Wars


Health Wars

Here’s a quickie post on something I just ran across. This is a fine example of how we are brainwashed and the ones who are blinded by people controlling them hate the ones who see the inconsistencies and look for alternatives.

This happens every day to every one of us. Some see. Some prefer to go along with the crowd. Oh, now, this sounds just like high school. Well, it’s definitely beyond high school!


Here’s the article and my comment. Nuff said.–pregnant-woman-on-raw-fruit-diet-causes-controversy-194918045.html

Health Wars Consuming Us?

My Comment on the article.

I’m amazed that all the comments that argue against her diet are not founded in facts about her diet, only general and vague comments meant to stir up hate against her. Our “normal” diet is obviously killing people. But, the people dying are the blind ones who don’t want to see anything but what they’re told to do. The ones who are trying to find a better way are hated by them because they make the blind ones look and feel bad. Pun intended!

If you want to weigh in on this, please leave comments below. Thank you.

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