Nelson Mandella’s Heart

Nelson Mandella’s Heart

I found this on Facebook. Thought it would be good to share this now.

I so believe in this and am grateful that Nelson put it into such eloquent words. We CAN teach people to undo what they’ve been taught (belief systems they grew up with) and learn to LOVE instead!! But it can speed things up if someone becomes aware of their own heart’s need to change and changes it themselves.

When a child is born into a family, it automatically learns whatever it is that the people around this child do and say and emote with their hearts. All of it is soaked up completely. There is no way these babies are able to block out anything or screen the input. Most of us spend a lifetime trying to undo the lies we learn as children in order to live happy lives as adults.

I guess the real challenge is learning to love and how to do that. When we live the lies long enough, we think it’s easier to continue to hate than it is to change. But, we can all agree that hate is harder on everyone. Then why is it so hard to love each other the way we really want to?

Everything Hitler did was based on hate. Could he have changed? If he had made a conscious decision to love instead of hate, could he have changed the world? We’ll never know about Hitler, but each of us can try to learn to commit acts of love instead of acts of violence. Acts of tenderness and caring that alleviate pain, instead of using words and actions to make others hurt, causing pain.

Make a conscious decision to love someone today, even yourself, and act on it.

Change the world!