Belly Fat Miracle

Breaking through to a new life.

Breaking through to a new life.

Got Belly Fat?

“Yesterday was just awful!” That’s a line from the musical “Annie.” She was relieved that it was no longer yesterday for her. It had changed. Her problems were resolved and she was in a better place. For me, that was last year. After being fairly fit for 40 years, I was in a position with the diagnosis of cervical problems that stopped my fitness routine cold. Yes, I literally was colder than normal and that worsened my problem — belly fat. No exercise = no stoking the inner flames that furn off that belly fat = your body adds more belly fat because it’s cold outside and, now, it’s cold inside your body. Where I live, your body adds a blanket of belly fat to keep the organs warm. I added that and what it put on because I stopped exercising, which had kept the added fat to a minimum most of my life. What to do. Double jeopardy.

What to do. Belly Fat Miracle!

Well, when I got over the shock of the diagnosis, I began to walk again. Then I checked over my diet to add fat burners and delete fat storers.Then I added fat burners to the supplements. These are a few steps I took to knock off those pesky belly pounds. You could call it the belly fat miracle. It feels like a miracle to me. And I look and feel better, too. Now that I’ve lost a few pounds, I am better, but still not up to where I want to be. So, it continues. The search for health in any set of circumstances. As your life, changes, so do you. But, you don’t have to bow to what happens. You can find ways to overcome. That’s the challenge. To make tomorrow better. And that’s the song you want to sing. For a better tomorrow. Yeah, that’s a song in “Annie” too! Start singing! A great exercise for the internal organs and burning calories and pumping up the volume in the lungs. Try it! You’ll like it! Voila! There it is! The Belly Fat Miracle.

Try it! You’ll like it!

Denise Austin has found she hit the wall of the belly fat fight at 48. At 55 she has conquered her fear of belly fat, the dreaded tummy demon, and here are a of her few thoughts on what I call The Belly Fat Miracle.

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