Miracle Weight Loss

Learning Life’s Lessons

After studying fitness for 40 years, I have gleaned much more knowledge from personal experience than you’ll ever find in books. I’ve had a whopper lesson this past year. Weight loss is a billion dollar industry to say nothing of the medical industry that benefits immensely from failed weight management.

My Story

A year ago I had a diagnosis that literally changed my life. Short version – I have bulging discs in my neck along with narrowing and calcification that threatens me with pain, fatigue and ultimately, paralysis if I’m not very careful. For three months I hardly moved. Paralyzed with fear. After 40 years of being a whirling dervish, I put on a few pounds. Watching my diet, walking, getting around more – nothing helped get that fat off my butt and thighs. What to do? Am I destined to be this way the rest of my life? Questions whirred in my head as I tried to manage this new lifestyle.

Christmas Surprise

I did too much for my condition. Although I felt I was doing a good job of managing it by doing only one major activity each day. It was still too much. Christmas Eve I was in close proximity with all my family – less than 30 people. On Christmas day I worked even harder making dinner. The upshot? I came down with the stomach flu the day after Christmas. Didn’t eat for 3 days. Just lay in bed. The wonderful surprise? I could fast!

The Miracle of Fasting

I’ve been fasting since I was a teenager. Then, for weight loss because my body couldn’t handle those awful diet pills of yester-year. As I learned more about fitness, I found that fasting was actually very good for the body. Then I began to study the affects of a good fast on the body and found it was not a choice, but a necessity, for the best health possible. Then I fasted with real gusto! What a boon to the weight loss world!

Uh -Oh! Life intervenes.

Then I had my auto accident in 1997 and things changed – again. I found that I had to eat regularly or the pain was excruciating. I mean hold onto something excruciating. I did learn to listen to my body in the mid 80’s, so I reworked my life and did what I could. Fasting was left for spiritual matters only and only when absolutely necessary. After a few years It seemed I was in the clear, since I had had the disc in my neck removed and the pain ended.

Fast Forward

So this past year I have been terrified, with the new diagnosis, of moving wrong that could cause paralysis and the fasting paranoia returned. The whole year I was afraid to worsen my condition with fasting. I didn’t realize how much I and my body missed it until I had the wonderful fortune of coming down with the stomach flu and a forced fast. Ahhhhh . . . that’s better! With it came the stunning revelation that I could do a fast on my own. A one day fast. Total fast. Miracle fast. A one size fits all fast. It is THE ONLY method that reached into those tricky areas and moved that cellulite ridden fat off my thighs and out of my life – forever! What an amazing life lesson. The Miracle Weight Loss Miracle. Fasting.

Try It!

Do try this out, but do talk with your doctor and then do your own research. There are many good books about fasting written by doctors and by those, like me, who have found its delights and wrote about them. And the best part of this wonder in my life is that now I am far more excited about the spiritual aspects of fasting than all the obvious benefits. I know that my flu was God letting me know I wouldn’t be hurt or die if I began to practice one of my favorite activities again. You may think that’s a stretch, but then, you haven’t been fasting, have you.

These books will get you started.

Fasting:  The Ultimate Diet, by Allan Cott, M.D. ( I never use the word die-t. More on that later. gcs)

Your Body Doesn’t Lie, John Diamond, M.D.





A New Life Awaits You!