Kardashian L O V E

Kardashian L O V E

Read this article to see if Kim had her baby and that she and baby are all right. I’m overwhelmed by all the horrible comments here about a really wonderful family. I’ve been watching the Kardashians for years, at first with trepidation, but then with true delight. Kardashian love is gargantuine. They are a loving, honest and joyfully tight family unit that is a great role model for all other families today.

Got Kardashian LOVE?

I wish more people would take the time to really watch these episodes carefully and you’ll find the normal day-to-day squabbles EVERY family goes through, but you’ll also be a party to the genuine love and kindness and solidarity that makes a group of people into a real family unity. They are fun, honest and genuine.

These are vicious remarks on this article that can hurt deeply. Speak love and see your life change.