Cory Monteith

Corey Monteith

Corey Monteith. How sad. How very sad. I was thinking about Marilyn Monroe recently and how sad it was that her life was cut short and here it happens again. We’re losing so many wonderful people.

Cory Monteith

Corey Monteith. Each of us must really understand that we should love each other even when we’re angry or arguing or out of sorts. We can. Leave in love. And pray. Always pray for each other.

Cory Monteith

Here’s a poem I wrote after the sudden death of a 19 year old young woman who was beautiful and fabulous. It was there for me when Princess Diana passed and meant a lot to me. When my mother passed, I realized I had written it for her. I hope it helps.






To see you

And to touch you,

Just to say a few words:

To smile at you

And receive yours back,

Is all I need today.

To say the things

I never said;

To feel

The same warm sun

To share a moment–quiet and true,

Is all I need today.

If I had known you would leave

I would have breathed in deeper.

I would have gazed at you longer.

I would have smiled for you broader.

I would have talked more or talked less.

I would have given you more of my heart

And I would have had more of yours.

But now I can see,

I can feel


and touch

More of you now . . .

Than I ever could before.

GCS September 30, 1994

Ten years before the day my mother passed.

Cory Monteith

No regrets. Say everything while they’re here. Do everything you can with them. Spend time now. This is where waiting does not work. Do it NOW! You won’t regret it.

No regrets.

Thank you for being here. Come again.

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I’m so tired of seeing these senseless tragedies. Can we stop them? We must try.