It’s the end of the day. Things are winding down. I just watched a beautiful movie “Deeply” and am feeling warm. Grateful. I just said “Hello, Mom!” to my mother who passed into Heaven on 9/30/2004. I know she’s here with me when the time is 9:30. And so she is.

I looked over at my journal and picked it up to write the last two days and saw the entry for Tuesday. That’s when I decided to share it with you. It was the same time of night. I was all ready to hop into bed and sat down in my blue chair to say my verses and pray. That’s when it happened. Always unexpected. Never a clue it’s going to happen. Here it is just as I wrote it that night.

“At the end of the day, I turned off the great episode of “Suits” and the next was to recite verses and pray. I looked up and felt God’s loving gaze and put my head into my hands — so grateful I have Jesus! And God mused over it and said He took a snapshot of me with my head in my hands like that because it was His favorite. And I mused and chuckled. Then He said He framed it and put it on the wall — of His heart. And I was overwhelmed, choked up and cried a bit. When I could speak, I said weakly “Thank You.” In a moment my stomach gurgled (one of God’s more humorous ways of speaking to me) — as it did while I wrote this. 🙂 And we were humbled and had a full heart. Nice.”

So I hope this makes you feel something near the gratefulness that I felt then and that billows up in my heart right now.

Have a good night, evening, day or morning, whichever it is you’ll be facing after you read this. God is Good!

This is one of my roses. Smell the roses. And, yes, roses remind me of Mom, too.

Hi, Mom!