What’s that strange noise?!?

What’s that strange noise?!?

Soooo . . . What’s that strange noise? Really! Which one are you talking about you ask? Is it the loud boom people have reported from New Jersey to Ohio? Or is it that loud, horrible grating noise they hear in Terrace, BC, Canada? Well, whichever one you heard. That’s the one the you want to know about.

What’s that strange noise?!? I heard it. The loud boom. Seems to be centered around Coatesville, PA where it’s been heard at least a couple of times that I know of. I only came to know about it when I actually heard it myself on Sunday night, just after 11 pm. I was quietly sitting in my chair after a lovely party (the last one of the summer!!! Yeah!!) and settling down to go to bed.


I gotta say, it was the absolutely LOUDEST BOOM I’ve EVER heard in my life! No lightning. No light nor thunder. No fireworks. No fizzling noises nor light like that, either. It lasted a few seconds. First I was so stunned I just sat in my chair a several seconds in shock. Then I jumped up out of my chair and ran to the door terrified about what it might have been. No stirring in the house that I could see. I looked out the window a few times at my neighbor’s house. No lights on and no stirring there. What’s going on!?!? There were no sirens anywhere and nothing stirring long afterwards. I felt safe enough to go to bed, but didn’t sleep well.

What was that noise?!? That was the noise running through my head for the next 24 hours. All the wonderings of what it was. Like I said, I didn’t sleep well that night. The next day my younger brother said he could sleep through anything. That I could believe. He didn’t hear it. That I couldn’t believe.

I spent the day wondering about it, then turned to the only solace I had. The internet. My search turned up that the same loud boom had been heard in Allentown several times by multiple people. They are wondering, too. But, it had also been heard in New Jersey, Ohio and Indiana.

Then I hit the motherload. And it was close to home. It had been heard in Coatesville in March. Here are the posts of those who were startled by the Unknown on that day.

The Coastesville Posts https://www.facebook.com/CoatesvilleDoes/posts/460114197388473

What was that noise?!? You have to humor me as I got up this morning to find this article online. Different noise. Same wonderings. But this was all the way up in BC. Now I’m just wondering “What is going on?!?”

The town of Terrace, BC is lit up with wonder over their strange noise. Very loud and no real explanation. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/oddnews/strange-noise-and-city%E2%80%99s-explanation-sparks-speculation-181742937.html?vp=1

I queried my older brother when he arrived home from work that evening. He heard it, too, and did all the same things I did when I heard it. Checked the neighbor’s house. Listened for sirens. And wondered what in the world it was! I felt vindicated and justified. No longer would I feel the sting of my younger brother’s haunting thoughts of ghostly activities. Younger brothers.

So. What do you think?!? What was that strange noise?!? Any ideas? Have you heard one of these strange noises, too? Let me know. It would be great to figure this out and put an end to these ceaseless wonderings in our heads. Then, when any of you hear it, you’ll know what it is. And you won’t have any of those strange wonderings running through your head about those strange noises.

Did anyone hear that howling . . . ? ? ?

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