Rest. We all need to get it into our heads that we need rest. Not just enough sleep and at the right times for our circadian rhythm, but rest from every daily activity. We are not YET superhuman. We must listen and comply.


I was pleased to read the comments on this article and realize that people are getting the message and actually intend to do something to follow up on it. Whoo Hoo!


Glad to see people embracing the need for rest. We need rest from everything at some point. Listen to your body, your mind, your spirit, your friend, your brother, sister, mother, etc. Rest. Learn to push the off button and let it all go. If we are gone tomorrow, it’ll all end anyway. Learn to pace yourself and really live.

Rest and Relaxation ~ The Meditation Series

I have videos on my You Tube channel that will transport you to a restful, relaxing place. They’re mostly only a minute or two, but you can watch the over and over. Let me know if you would like something that’s maybe 10 minutes  or more. I just think that our busy lifestyles permit one minute better than 10. It’s easier to snatch a short rest than it is to struggle with yourself over whether or not you can afford to spend the longer time periods. They will be available soon, though.

Here’s one you can enjoy right now!