Moving Life Along After 65

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Moving Life Along After 65

Love the article, Sara! Thanks! I was delighted to see someone in fitness enumerate all the great ways normal people can get fit after a tender age and not only gain fitness they thought they never could, but elongate their lives and make their lives happier in the most meaningful ways.

My mother never exercised. Always got out of gym. My father was a fitness fanatic all his life. I got his ‘genes’! And I’m glad, because my mother ended up with heart problems and her quality of life was awful, even though she lived to 83.

I am fit, but have injuries from an auto crash 17 years ago. It’s more of a challenge with the injuries, but I’m still more fit and in better health than my siblings. I can do far more than I would have without being fit and my life will still be longer than if I had not been fit at the time of the accident. I would have been dead! Of course, my guardian angel helped, too!

THANK YOU, Sara Bliss!!!

You read the article and incorporate more life into your life!

Moving Life Along After 65!

Moving right along, now, Move Life Along!!