Patric Stewart and Abuse

Patrick Stewart and Abuse

This is a story that’s repeated far, far too often around the world every day. Abuse. Patrick Stewart and abuse are often spoken of in the same sentence. The work he’s doing to help those involved in abuse is probably little known, but felt by all.

If Each One Helped One

If each one helped one, perhaps we would find abuse becoming history and a wonder to future generations. I hardly think that will happen in the near future, but we could pray and hope that what some of us are doing, because we are aware of the problem on both sides, will some day be evident to all.

Experience is Key

Is it only that he experienced the abuse that he sees it and does something about it while the rest of us just sweep it under labels and excuses and ignore the pain so many billions are suffering every day? If so, we are indeed benefiting from his misfortune. Patrick Stewart has always been my Number One on Star Trek. His character is stellar and a vital role model for those billions who are being abused every day. Thank you, Mr. Stewart.

Here’s the article that sparked this post. My interest in abuse goes back to my mother’s history in Berlin under one of the best known masters of abuse, Hitler. Read the article and become aware of what you see around you. It’s there. Just look and make sure you address what you see. Society has many eyes and they are usually wide shut.–hug—sir-patrick-stewart-s-kind-gesture–video–003841893.html#ugccmt-container

Let’s put a little more effort into making our world a better place to work and play for ALL of us!