Tyler Doohan’s Eight Year Old Courage


Tyler Doohan’s Eight Year Old Courage

This is Tyler Doohan’s eight year old courage. Tyler Doohan. One child should lead the way. There really are no words for the amazing way this child conducted his life before he gave it freely for others. And people who knew him say they are not surprised by what he did. Read the article below and you will be awed.

Tyler Doohan’s Eight Year Old Courage will encourage you. He was a man in small shoes that filled some BIG shoes. Most of us could only emulate him and hope we could do the same.


Remember his name. Remember his courage.

Tyler Doohan.

A real hero for the ages.

My mother risked her life many times in Berlin, Germany when Hitler’s tyranny was all her family knew.Read “Heddy’s Mmiracles ~ A True Story ~ Lilo’s Family Defies Hitler and All Natural Laws ~ In the Deepest Darkness There is Light at Albrechstrasse 9”

We can only ask ~ would we be ready to do the same?

Lilo and Erika Christmas in Germany 1930 COVER 3