Christmas in Berlin Germany in 1930!

Lilo and Erika Christmas in Germany 1930 COVER 7

Christmas in Berlin Germany in 1930!

Christmastime is everyone’s favorite time of year. We all do everything we can to make it the very best in every way possible! No matter how much or how little money you have, the Christmas spirit is FREE to all! It lightens your heart and puts a spring in your step no matter who you are or what you believe. It’s the spirit that makes it Christmas.

I did lots of research on the Christmas holiday in Berlin for my historical novel, “Heddy’s Miracles ~ A True Story ~ Lilo’s Family Defies Hitler and All Natural Laws ~ In the Deepest Darkness There is Light at Albrechstrasse 9.” I knew the chapter on my mother, Lilo’s, 10th Christmas would be magical. I just didn’t realize how magical.

I heartily encourage you to read this short story I adapted from the book, Christmas in Berlin German in 1930, available on Amazon Kindle, actually Chapter Two in my historical novel. Then do your own research on the Christmas holidays in Germany. It’s delightful!

After reading through at least twenty books on the German people and what they do to capture the Christmas spirit and let it flourish in the land, I grew to understand the deep admiration they have in their spirits for the beauty of the nativity and the season it inspired. Thus, they feed their hunger to express this love in an effervescence continually burgeoning into lavish displays of beauty and devotion, always inspiring fresh growth.

If you read my own admiration and excitement between the lines, you got it!

The Christmas Spirit!

Now, go and do likewise!

Merry Christmas!!!

berlin christmas illumination in unter den linden Photos de Berlin

This is where my mother worked in 1940.

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