Boston Marathon Renewal ~ Boston Strong!


Boston Marathon Renewal ~ Boston Strong!

The Boston Marathon Renewal ~ Boston Strong started from the moment of the bombing. Just ask the survivor, Lauren Blanda. She knows. And today she runs the Boston Marathon with more purpose and more strength than ever since she began in 2006. She kept her promise to Michele L’Heuxreux. “Don’t leave me!”

That’s Boston Strong! Click here for the article by Eric Adelson.–response-to-boston-marathon-bombing-creates-emotional-bond-among-victim–3-others-005211383.html

Boston Marathon Renewal ~ Boston Strong!

And Paul and JP Norden know it, too. Boston Marathon Renewal ~ Boston Strong! That’s how they see it! They are brothers who each lost a leg in the bombing, yet find themselves in a much better place because of it. We can, too.

That’s Boston Strong! Read about them here in this ABC News Blog>–abc-news-topstories.html

Just reading their stories renews my hope.


I was born in Boston, so I’ve always felt a kinship with the Boston area. I also have lots of ancestors who lived all through New England. But, we all have a kinship with Boston after the cruel bombing that took place a year ago there during a time of celebration. Just as with New York City and the twin towers.

We are kin. Let’s celebrate the best of us in the best of times as we remember.

So here’s to the Boston Marathon Renewal ~ Boston Strong!

                                                  God Speaks is Here!

To commemorate the losses and shore up the wins, the book I made available free on my site a year ago, God Speaks, is now available on Kindle at!

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Boston Marathon Renewal ~ Boston Strong! God Speaks Here, too!

                                      God Speaks is Here!

Always remember ~ God is speaking to each of us all the time and is ready and willing to make the conversation – two way. Talk to God and He will answer you back.

“He will never leave you nor forsake you.” My book “God Speaks” is my first hand account of how that promise is true. God is always with you and will NEVER leave you. Promise!

God Speaks!

I just had an amazing experience recently where God gave me a direct answer, even though delayed by a few hours. I was on my usual 5 mile walk and I asked God point blank “How did Jesus deal with the Pharisees? How do we work with those who are not in the light? Those who don’t know You personally? I don’t know how to go about doing that. How do I do it?” I finished a great walk and it was out of my mind. I knew He would have an answer for me, no matter how long it took.

God Speaks!

That very evening I got a call from a friend. She hadn’t called for a few days, which was unusual. We talked a little bit and then she spoke very deliberately and told me about someone who had just told her to read Psalm 91. It immediately hit home to me very hard. That was my ANSWER! I knew this passage but hadn’t read it for years.

God Speaks!

An old friend’s father had kept the entire passage written out and folded up in his helmet during WW II in the Pacific Theater. The night terrors by the Japanese soldiers to drive them crazy. The local insects and snakes and other creatures that infected, bit, tortured and killed them. He believed it was what got him through. I do, too. And that is how we can get through our own terrors. I now read it every morning and every night before I go to bed.

“He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence.”

God Speaks!

I got my answer. And so will you!

Remember, God Speaks is right here! And so is God!

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Happy Hunting!