Getting Started

I have said for many years, from my own experience, of course, that when you take the first step you’re halfway to the goal. Although this has born out to be true in my life, there’s also the prep part that happens before you take that first step.

This is the meat of where you’re going, how you’ll get there and when you might arrive. But don’t count on ever reaching that goal you fully intend to get to when you start out.

This is also the part we have least control over. You’re writing on the illusive universe of timelessness, weightless ideas and fearless intrepidness. You can literally do anything in this stage. It can take a few moments or years. But beware. If you rush forward to that exciting first step without completing this obligatory stargazing…it could lead to broken dreams, heartache and untold regrets. What’s great is that you’ll get a huge boost when you’re finally ready. Worth the wait.

For all the same reasons above, it could also be the most fun of all of your stages in achieving anything. Spend some time. Play it out–in a hundred different ways. Let your imagination go full throttle! Enjoy the process and you’ll find that you’ll go places you never could have imagined before you got started!

This is my first step. I know what I love and have a number of different outcomes. Having played this game before, I understand that it doesn’t matter what the end is going to be. It only matters that we get started!

Join in for a fascinating ride!

Dawn of a New You