Some time after graduating from college it suddenly hit me that my education didn’t stop there.

Just as suddenly I was filled with a great delight.

I was no longer subjected to the whims and dictates of others appointed to the task of adding to my store of knowledge. I, of course, had always followed them dutifully and consistently. And probably learned a great deal about how to learn. Above all I realized that there is joy in learning. But after graduation the field was wide open. There were no limits. There were no rules, blocks, time constraints or even buildings, rooms or equipment to stymy my imagination and creativity, my curiosity and wonder.

The thrill of taking the helm of writing my own destiny was enthralling! Somehow I knew this was the true meaning of life.

My spirit soared in giddy anticipation.

Over the past 50 years I have not been disappointed. If I could ignite that joy in others who may have missed it along the way, or fan the flame, I suppose that would be rounding out the full circle of life.