I AM An AMerican


I AM An AMerican.

I, for one, have been sadly observing the deep schism in this great country for many years. What I have asked, and still wonder out loud, is how do intelligent people who can relate to each other on any other topic find absolutely no ground to stand on in order to discuss the most pivotal issues of our times without outright hatred and disgust? It’s a mystery.

Or is it?

Here’s the article I have written this about.


This is am AMazing day! Yahoo–not just slanted, but totally left and liberal sided in its demeanor–has left this article for all to see saying what conservative Fox News has been saying about Obama and Obamacare for years! This gives me hope! Hope that the people who have believed every little dribble that has come out of the mouth of the emperor these last 7 years are FINALLY seeing the FACTS and acknowledging their validity and acting on them. There is hope! May I remind you that this exact same phenomenon occurred in the Clinton years in office. Early in his second term, the majority of the people who were deluded by his lies in the first term, became resoundingly aware of them in the second term. Why is that? Is this a pattern? Does it have to stay this way?

This is one comment I picked out that describes, in a nutshell, what has been happening before our eyes and, yet, too many of our ranks have not seen it or have blinded their eyes to seeing it. It’s called denial.

Edwin 4 hours ago


Nancy Pelosi; “….But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” My fellow citizens, If the Obama administration new what Romney was doing fives minutes after he did something , then posted negative campaigns, don’t we think they had this figured out. The bill was drafted by chief a staff’s brother 1.5 years before they ran it through Congress. I applaud yahoo cutting and pasting the facts that Fox has been reporting for three years. Oh and by the way the evil Republicans have been reporting the facts of what would happen for the past three years. The best counter solution to fix this mess, is vote out the democrats this month in the senate. When Clinton was successful and had a surplus, it was because he had a majority of republicans in the house and the senate. just for the record I am not a republican or a democrat, I am an American!

I have just watched “Cloud Atlas” and the one centerpiece of the film, a quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, is this:  “You can maintain control over people as long as you give them something they want.” Well Obama has royally trumped that notion. He has found a way to control people and not even give them what they want, only the hope of what they want. AMazing! The power people use to control us is given to them BY us!

Of course, it seems the other half of this quote by Alexander Solzhenitsyn is the pendulum swinging the opposite way. “Rob a man of everything and that man will no longer be in your power.” Swoosh! The problem with this symbolism is that it cuts both ways.

And that leads me to the query that should strongly engage every person on earth. How do we live in harmony without this apparent need to control the actions of others? Is it possible to jettison this way of life that controls ALL of us and find a way to negotiate fairly with each other so that we create a way of life that edifies all of us equally? “Aye, there’s the rub!” Shakespeare said it best with this short exclamation.

In the end, hoping it’s not the end, it really is up to each and every single individual to see what their part is in this travesty of our lives and do what we need to do to get on track to what we all want for our world. Peace.

I AM and I AM AMerican. An American who wants to live in peace and solidarity with all the peoples of the earth in order to create a synergism we have not yet known. I do believe it’s possible. I believe we can be better than this.

Just a little taste! Enjoy!