Winter Storm Warning! Stay Home! Stay Safe!

Winter Storm Warning! Stay Home! Stay Safe!


Winter storm warning! Stay home! Stay safe! I just wish people would really see the truth about what’s happening and take on their own responsibility in the disastrous fallout when they make the wrong decisions and make things worse.

In this society, we live in a troublesome syndrome that covers every facet of our society. It is instantaneously applied to each and every situation. There is no thought in this application. Only application. This is, of course, the ONLY time that people will liberally pass the buck —  to someone else. The latest fiasco is the winter storm Leon in the southeast.

Winter storm warning! Stay home! Stay safe!

Here is the reality. We consistently diss, discount and deride the best efforts of those who forecast weather, which is meant to be a heads up to forewarn us of POSSIBLE dangerous situations. When they are ‘wrong’ and there’s nothing, we blame them and the derision goes on and on. When they turn out to be true and we have not listened and not acted appropriately, we instantly blame someone who ‘should have known better’ and told them what they should have done. Childish.

In this case, Gov. Nathan Deal, fits the bill. We’ll do it to him. Yes, he’s Republican and is going to automatically be soundly trounced by the liberals and the Democrats. But it’s much more fun when everyone joins in at once. Luckily, we only need to jump on one word here. Unexpected. So much is tied up in this – one –  unfortunate – word. Of course, we must first take it entirely out of context. Just pluck it right out of there. Otherwise, our contrived story won’t make any sense. The truth just gets in the way of a good time.

That aside, there is a greater responsibility on the part of the people themselves who always fail to take the initiative and THINK FOR THEMSELVES. It’s your fault for being out in the storm. I listen to the forecasts and then decide myself whether I can handle what might be coming. I decide. If there’s going to be snow AT ALL in an area where they don’t normally have snow, it’s a NO BRAINER to STAY HOME!

STAY HOME! STAY SAFE! Then you can really enjoy the beauty and wonder of the snow. And THAT should be our mindset about winter. Enjoy it! Don’t set yourself up for accidents and getting stuck somewhere you don’t want to be. Navigate your life with some planning ahead and the leaders will have an easier time of handling the REAL emergencies and helping us to be safe and warm. Yes! So we can enjoy the snow!


And here’ the rest of the story. Thanks to Herman Cain. Good man.

Some people do take the time to get it right. As did Herman Cain. Thank you!


Enjoy the snow!