Stop Bugging Me!


So, here we are, far enough after the hubbub and fuss of the holiday season to have gotten back into some kind of normal schedule. What’s still bugging a lot of people, though, is getting back into that normal behavior pattern. This is the first New Years Holiday during which the media didn’t bug us about those pesky New Years Resolutions.

Great, huh? Well, then, will you go ahead and stake your claim on that workout you’ve been meaning to get to for the past 5 years? Will you call Jenny and start a meaningful eating lifestyle? Will you get out to the park and walk a mile or two on your resolve to get to that marathon you’ve always had in the back of you mind and have never gotten around to? Will you make an appointment with your doctor and talk with him about what’s bugging you?

Nope. You probably won’t. But you will still have those bugs bugging you about getting up your resolve to do them. Those few extra pounds. That shortness of breath that’s been worrying you the past year.  The tightness that gets your attention every now and then and loses your attention as soon as it passes. The headaches, the dizziness, the frequent urination, the periods of weakness and that stab of pain in your abdomen that just won’t go away.

This determined little centipede could probably get rid of this gnat any time it wants to. You, on the other hand, if you’re troubled by any of these annoying bugs, will not be rid of them until you stop and try to figure out what is going on with your body. Yes, you’re stuck with these bugs and ticks and frustrating bodily irritants until you stop and address what your body’s telling you or it blows up in your face. One or the other. There is no other choice.

The miracle is that you CAN find out what’s bugging you. You CAN get out to the park and walk a mile or two. You CAN make an effort to figure out what you’re putting into your body and actually feel better. You are in charge! And sometimes that really is the crux of the problem. You are in charge — not your body. Because your body would get to the bottom of the matter and make the necessary changes to feel better. It just can’t make you do it.

Here’s my charge. Don’t make a resolution. Take an action. Do something about it. Look at your schedule and find a day when you can get to the park to walk. Get online and look up the symptoms you are experiencing. Find some great recipes that will taste great and actually feed your body. Don’t wait until New Years. Do it NOW!