Life is Fun!

Let’s face it. When you’ve never done something, the first time you try is the most awkward and your worst performance, if you’re like most people. But, when you’ve read the rules and you’ve gotten a few attempts under your belt, you get better as you go along. Most people.

We come in with a clean slate, tabula rasa, no information whatsoever. Starting from scratch, we do the best we can and we get the hang of life and forge ahead or coast along, whatever we decide.

A Family's Saga

What if. What if we could take all the lessons learned from all the ancestors who lived before us and apply them directly to our own lives. What if we could step back and see their mistakes and missed cues, lame attempts and start with their best from the beginning of our shots in the dark. What if. . .instead of starting at start, we start at their end and begin in the middle?

Could we? We should We can. We will. IF – we take the time to get to know them and what they did and where they ended. It could catapult our performance into the sublime, if we just know them and then send on the right information to the future generations.

Instead of starting over, we start way ahead. Our own future looks brighter and children and grandchildren start with carrying not just a big light, but a giant light. The insights I’ve gleaned from writing about my mother and the Mino family have made me realize that we can do just that. As I share with you these insights and complimentary research I’ve read, we can explore the amazing possibilities.


Game on!