I’m Back!!

I'm Back!!!

I’m Back!!!

I’m Back!!

Well, this is a momentous occasion! My last post was January 16th – yes, of this year. A brief history – I fell on black ice on February 10th; had surgery on the left ankle on the 11th; slept a couple of months – in between medical appointments and ill fated attempts at recovery; physical therapy helped somewhat; a new orthopedic doctor (the amazing Dr. Kirwan!), a few tests, other doctors and more tests, and I had another surgery on September 29th and have very high hopes for a real recovery this time.

What’s really exciting for me is all that I’ve learned since that fateful day in February. There is silver in the dark clouds and there are dark clouds looming in the silver lining. Obviously, it will take more than one post to get to all of these new discoveries. Hold onto your horses! We are OFF!!!!!


I'm Back!!! AND We're OFFFFFFF!!!!

I’m Back!!! AND
We’re OFFFFFFF!!!!