Sun, moon and . . .

Reflections in the Dark

At first glance it looks like the moon riding high in the clouds in the night sky.

Doesn’t it?!?

NOT! As you look around you see there’s a pebbly shore. Then you are forced to change your original opinion. Aye, there’s the rub. But, that’s only the first step toward REALITY. There’s a total cascade of wonderings and ponderings and stops and starts that lead to more false premises. And the process continues. That’s life!

Reflections in the Dark

What do they tell us? Anything good? Always!!

One of the lessons I learned on my journey this year is that we aren’t ever really ready to call for HELP!!! When faced with an occasion where I just couldn’t do it alone, I had to consider asking for help. A long time. What went through my head was a swirl of “Do I really need help? Do I really want help? Can I get help? How do I ask for help? Will help come? And on and on and on.

After all that, when I knew I needed help, I had to reconsider again! Yup. The swirl, all over again. And that is how it went until I became filled with resolve and put the word out to friends and family.

Leading up to another resolve. I need help with the marketing for my books. In future posts I’ll tell you about different little and big things you can do to help me market and sell my books. What do you get out of it? Satisfaction. Until I’m in a place where I can offer something in return, I must rely solely on your endearing desire to help me out.

And isn’t that what’s it’s all about? When you’re down, someone helps. When they’re down, you can help them. That’s what makes the world turn. I’m convinced of this much:  when we are at the place where we don’t think twice about seeking help we’ll all be in a better place. All the while, there will be less darkness and more reflections of light as we pull to the best world possible.

Stop to see the light.

Light the Way