Knoxville Quest

Knoxville Quest

How does it come to this?

This 83 year old and her young accomplices have made it their Knoxville Quest to dig up some dirty little nuclear secrets and bring them to light. We know what they say and what they have done, but how can we know what they really did and how it impacts us?

How do we make sense of it?

The more we talk about it and really try to get to the bottom of their Knoxville Quest, the more we have the chance to understand what they were really after and what it means to us and all of life. It’s not about dissing them or what they did,. It’s about questioning them and looking for deeper meanings and seeing the truth. In spite of what we’re fed to believe. In spite of what we see on the surface. We have to start digging and seeing and that can lead to greater understanding and the answers we week. We may even crack the code of their actions and wind up  helping ourselves.

Crack the Hidden Code