This is a definite play on the word, Generations. As it implies, it’s main focus is on the generations of a family scoring history through time and leaving their marks on the world and on society. Deeper than that, though, is the awesome way that we generate ourselves through time, thinking we are separate and apart from one another. Is there more we are generating as we go, than meets the eye?

I have been investigating this phenomenon for years now, with the direct hopes of actually seeing and understanding the connections that keep us from being separate and alone. Those eery coincidences that you can’t shake off as nothing when their meaning is staring you in the face. The clues are scattered across the generations, across time and in our faces! Yes, in our faces.

Generations Portraits

Now, here’s the article that sparked this post. ( ) A photographer, Ulric Collette, “accidentally” puts together portraits of two family members and is so astounded by the uncanny resemblance, the remarkable similarities, that he makes it a practice. What will he discover from his end that would tie things together from my end of the adventure? Exciting!

Mere Coincidence?

Recently, such family coincidences came through in spades. Here’s a taste. My lifelong friend’s daughter just had twins. She named them Joseph Ryan and Nathan Christopher. My nephew, Ryan Nathaniel, just found out that his wife is having — twins. The first twins to be born to any of the 14 first cousins. They’ve never met nor do they know each other in any way. Coincidence? I think not. But–what does this signify? That’s what I want to know!

It doesn’t stop there. The only set of twins on Ryan’s father’s side of the family are Judy and Esther. They also are the names of Ryan’s aunt and mother. It goes on. Ryan’s uncle married Esther Knoll after his wife died. Esther Knoll is the name of Ryan’s father’s aunt. Oh, there’s more, but I think you get the idea. Only a taste of the connections between the generations. Are we generating more than we are really aware of? That’s what I want to know! There is much more. This is only a small sampling.

The Adventure!

Stay tuned right here and discover with me the endless beauty of our connections through time and space. I don’t expect a bumpy ride. I do expect some amazing discoveries that will awe and inspire us in so many ways we cannot see as yet that will provide endless delight.

Collaborate on Project Connect the Generations

If you’re reading this and find you’re as fascinated as I am, please leave your comments on the coincidences you have noticed in your life, your family, your friends and any others you have wondered about. When we put all these points of coincidences together, we may find much more than the Bigger Picture. Or, if you’re just intrigued, please leave your comments and ideas. Remember, you are part of all of this and we’re headed somewhere together. Perhaps this endeavor will enable us to see more clearly exactly where we are going — and what we are doing — together.

Thanks for listening and wonder on!